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TQ-Medical: Your Solution Partner for Medical Technology

TQ-Systems is a systems service provider with many years of experience in developing and producing electronic modules and complete devices for medical-technology companies – ranging from pocket-format end-user devices up to large equipment for clinics.

Quality Standards

The requirements specified by both legal regulations and standards vary widely and are quite demanding. Patient safety is the first priority here: For TQ as an electronics service provider this means not only that the highest quality standards have to be met, but that a comprehensive risk assessment must also be undertaken in advance down to the component level, along with complete risk and process documentation. TQ meets the most stringent standards and requirements: Employees with experience in medical technology from the aspects of development, production, and assembly form the basic team for finding medical-technology solutions . You then benefit from an all-inclusive product range that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the industry.

Our complete Offering

At your option TQ can also take on product life cycle management, thereby ensuring that you also have continuous development and improvement that allows you to focus your efforts totally on marketing the device.

Our references

Our fields of application are diverse - our references show which products are already equipped with TQ-Medical technology: references

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Rainbow Bridge Test


Rainbow Bridge Test


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